Support Candidates for Your LSB Who Will Strengthen Your Station and Pacifica

The 2023 Pacifica elections – for Delegates/Local Station Board (LSB) members – are underway. Ballots were sent out to all current members on August 15 with weekly email reminders each Tuesday.

DEADLINE: Your vote must be cast before 9pm Pacific Time/ 11 pm Central Time/ 12 midnight Eastern Time, Saturday, September 30.

Why Vote?

Pacifica and its stations are under grave economic stress due to:

  • decreasing listenership and donations at some stations due to poor quality programming
  • unwillingness by some to make necessary changes so we can pay off debt and pay regular ongoing expenses
  • increasing debt for Pacifica and an inability of the Pacifica National Board (who are chosen by people on our Local Station Boards or LSBs) to agree on any repayment plan other than by selling our stations’ buildings and possibly other assets

More of why it’s so important to get good people on our LSBs and the Pacifica National Board (PNB, whose members are chosen by those we elect to our LSBs):

  • Pacifica has over $2 million in unpaid bills.
  • In addition, Pacifica failed to make payments on a $2,080,000 government loan now referred to the US Treasury Dept for collections, and the original $3.2 Million loan from 5 years ago (that was supposed to have been paid off by now) that uses all of Pacifica’s buildings as collateral. . 
  • We need board members who will push for more responsible actions on the Pacifica national level, to help save our stations.

The programming we love – independent public affairs, news, and music – could all be gone without people on our boards who insist that we need to keep and add top-notch programming and retain professional management so the Pacifica mission can survive!

See an update on MYTHS vs FACTS about New Day Pacifica.

New Day Pacifica Voting Recommendations

Our voting suggestions for Delegates/LSB candidates who will help strengthen our stations, increase listeners and support, and help fulfill the Pacifica misison:

If you are a KPFA member, we suggest you follow the recommendations of KPFA Protectors

If you are a KPFK member, see our KPFK endorsements.

If you are a KPFT member, we suggest you follow the recommendations of Move KPFT Forward.


  • Ballots were sent out from Pacifica Foundation <>, on Aug. 15, by email if your station has your email address. You may get reminder emails each Tuesday if you have not voted, from that same email address or from
  • E-Voting information was also distributed on Aug. 15 by text message if your station has your current mobile number.
  • Or if your station has neither your email address nor mobile number, you may have received a hard copy ballot in the mail.
  • Look for each of those and check your spam folder if you can’t find them. Each has your unique link for voting online in your LSB election.


If you don’t get your ballot as noted above, then:

  • Fill out the official Pacifica ballot request form here
    If you don’t have a gmail address, you may skip the part where the ballot request form asks which gmail account to use.
  • Also let us know by emailing
    Please indicate if you are a listener or staff member, and which is your station.