Comments from Signers of NDP’s Democracy & Survival Letter

Recently, New Day Pacifica asked for Pacifica members to sign on to their new letter entitled “We the Pacifica Majority Seek Democracy and Survival of Our Network.

Within just a few days, hundreds of people had filled out an online form to sign on to it. More people are still signing (and you can be one, too!)

Below are some of the many comments that they provided.

It’s hypocrisy that Pacifica talks about freedom and then trys to overturn the voice of the listeners. Management is clearly incompetent as the number of drives on WPFW exceeds that of any other public station. You can tell by listening that even the hosts are embarrassed.
What ever happened to Barry Smullen of the Head Room show?
Why can’t KPFK have any game shows, Science & Technology?
Current programming has become a waste land.
What ever happened to Barry Smullen of the Head Room show?
Why can’t KPFK have any game shows, Science & Technology?
Current programming has become a waste land.
I no longer contribute to kpft Pacifica given the blatant disregard for honoring the vote. To create two classes of voters which created the current situation is abhorrent to a democratic rule and over steps the Pacifica charter.
Looking at voting rights today Pacifica is just one more institution that has thrown good will and fairness in the toilet.
We are mortified that Pacifica is ignoring the majority of the listeners. Shameful!!!
Please let the will of the listeners direct the policies of the stations.
It appears to us that you, the obsolete governing board, want Pacifica and its stations to fail!
The vote is in. The numbers are there. Let’s move forward.
I am a sustaining member and decades-long listener. Even though I often vote conservatively, as an Independent, I value KPFT as a voice of Liberty and Dissent as well as the last bastion of local artist music.
Pacifica current board should be a leader promoting and subverting democracy, they are acting like the republicans party…. trying to steal the votes!!
We need new management and new bylaws. Respect the majority vote.
It appears that Pacifica management has taken a leaf from the Donald Trump playbook: intimidation by means of litigation. How sad.
While I may not always agree with the opinions expressed on KPFA, those opinions and viewpoints need to be heard and that’s why I support New Day Pacifica in its efforts to sustain the mission of the organization in a responsible manner.
For once and for all, let’s get this bicking over with. The election results are in and we voted for a new direction and leadership!
Do the right thing and listen to and support New Day Pacifica
I am a sustaining member and have been one since before there was a sustaining program. I have been a member since 1970. Never during all that time have I feared for the survival of Pacifica as I do now. Current management is undemocratic and reactionary. If we do not change course we can lose Pacifica and that would be an incalculable loss
Good luck with rescuing Pacifica from being run into the ground.
The future of non-commercial, non-exploitative, democratic radio is at stake. The leadership of Pacifica has fundamentally betrayed the vision and the practical management of liberative public radio, as well as the will of the majority of its membership!
My parents were among the first listener sponsors of KPFK and I have been one for 45 years. I continue to support KPFK, but I hardly listen anymore because the station has gone so far off the rails.
Don’t be trumpists. Honor the vote.
Keep going. You are right.
Stop the Steal!
Please respect MY vote. I am member and along with other members we stated our wishes.
Why ask us to vote if you are not and planned not to listen to us.
It’s beyond belief how churlish the opposition to reform has become! Disappearing LSB candidates, twisting majority rules, packing voter rolls, not to mention the continuing misbegotten legal actions…
Time for it to be stopped is way past!
Thanks to everybody who is managing to keep the airwaves humming despite myriad challenges.
I stand with NDP.
Anyone who seeks the aid of a court to influence the policy direction of KPFA is anti-democratic and not on our team.
– KPFA listener since it began, when I was 7 years old
Either we are a democracy or we are not. Please respect the vote and do what is right.
I voted for New Day Pacifica and am deeply disappointed that my vote is being dismissed. I am also a long time member.
Time to respect the will of the majority!
Please refrain from calling me and asking for further donations.
At some point, I might consider cancelling my monthly pledge of $20 to KPFK. I tune in much less frequently than before and generally find myself listening to yet another fund drive. I have been a supporter of KPFK for the 35 years or so, but lately I have been wondering what exactly I am supporting.
I am outraged at the undemocratic actions of Pacifica leadership. I am a lifetime contributor to kpfa, and believe the future of Pacifica is in great danger.
Thank you
keep it up, New Day!
Stop this bullshit and save KPFA by believing in Democracy. We won the vote give up your position of power and go away. If you believe in founders then go , you have no right to stay.
James McNeil
Been voted OUT. Time to move alone NOW!
It takes courage to admit you are wrong. A new outlook on where this country is headed means acknowledging that the old “hippy” tropes are inadequate for dealing with the serious financial, cultural and political attacks that progressive news agencies are dealing with. Please allow New Day Pacifica to shine a light on the issues and take us into a new day.
I have listened to KPFA for over 30 years and love a variety of shows. Through Flash Points to Gospel and on and on I am informed and lifted by a radio station that I can trust to dig into the truth. I don’t hear the manipulation of the stories that I hear and see everywhere else. I don’t want corrupt politics to take this precious station and “WHITE WASH” it.
You go! We got our first wake-up call when we heard about the sale in Texas. Thank you for uniting us!
I live in a very progressive area and I have seen how that can also be dysfunctional be to make simple business decisions. You have to pay the bills regardless. Don’t sell off the assets that can never be replaced.
As the begging for money now on KPFK doesn’t stop, even between the fund drives, they continue to boast of progressive voices and news….but the programming is increasingly less news or educated commentary, and embarassingly unprofessional.
As a medical physician, I am most disgusted by info-mercials by “altenative medicine” hackers, especially the pseudo-science anti-vaccine presentations during the night. My contribution is minimized (consistent with the minimizing of listenable programing) until the management of Pacifica is handed over.
Respect the vote and accept the change to NDP management NOW!
Honor the vote!!
I won’t pledge any money until the current leadership is REPLACED by competent and honest folks that know what they are doing. Respect the election results!
I have been a listener member for over 25 years. The anti-democratic actions of the current management are outrageous, not to mention incompetent, putting at risk all of Pacifica assets.
This 30 year listener and contributor has tried again and again to find out “what is going on” at KPFK. Only to encounter no response to my questions and no way to find out who I should contact to voice my concerns.
Then New Day Pacifica came along and some questions have been answered.
I support the efforts of New Day Pacifica.
We support New Day Pacifica’s efforts to produce more transparency as to what goes on at Pacifica.
Please save the KPFA building which many of us in the community helped pay for and support by our donations!
Adhere to the democratically elected New Day Pacifica elected members and stop the manipulation of the vote count.
Same on you. Signed, a 25 year donor to both Pacifica and KPFA.
Listened to this station for 50 years and I stand by its original concepts. This station has allowed me to save lives and educate people on issues that are not explained or taught in our schools. Democracy has a voice and that voice emanates from the Pacifica Group with its broadcasts. I’m a Vietnam-era Vet and I fought for America and the freedom of speech and the press. Don’t tarnish what I believe in or confuse the matter. I stand by Roy Tuckman and his associates to the last man/woman until death takes me. I want my children and others to hear freedom and know that it’s not free. We have to fight! Hands off this group of radio stations and the carnage that has ensued. Give the listener/voter his vote and let the membership be counted. Amen!
Not enough oversight was enacted from the very beginning so this is the outcome. Have to stay vigilant and involved all the time. Being aware of who is in charge and holding them accountable.
I do not agree with the current station policies, and spending on legal matters. Selling legacy properties is not a long term solution.
I love KPFA, voice of truth and reason – that’s why it is so important to save it from commercial and corporate interests. I proudly add my name to support New Day Pacifica to return the stations to their listeners!
I’m the volunteer electrician at KPFA and have donated thousands of dollars of labor. I put in enough hours on the electricity for the new boards, I was able to run as staff for the LSB, but didn’t get elected. I was endorsed by the Protect KPFA people, who, IMHO, have the best plan to save the station, as opposed to the opposition. THERE IS NO PLAN TO REPAY THE LOAN AGAINST KPFA’s ASSETS! NONE! Stations losing money, year over year, should NOT have control of the Pacifica Board!
Is it true, as bylaws reform opponents have contended, that our proposed bylaws provided the same “super” weight given to staff votes as the old bylaws did?
A KPFK listener since August 1959.
It’s very hard to contribute when you tell us all the money is going down the drain.
Also, I didn’t used to mind Roy of Hollywood’s woo-woo crazy stuff because he seemed like such a nice guy, and I enjoyed a lot of his shows. But now he spends 5 hours every Tuesday presenting truly poisonous misinformation. It really hardened me against contributing to KPFK.
I fully support New Day Pacifica. We need some rational, hard-nosed leadership to save the station. This is a time when it is better to be pragmatic than idealistic.
Keep independent radio alive. You should know that mainstream media and big business aren’t watching our backs. Do the right thing!
The ongoing abuse of power by Pacific’s (mis)managers has to stop now!
Yes. I support New Day Pacifica.
It is outrageous and wrong that votes of a small number of purported WBAI staffers are being used to stop the proposed bylaws from being implemented.
Thank you for your attention
This hijacking of the Pacifica Network must end before it completely destroys it. Selling off assets to pay bank loans is a recipe for disaster. As a KPFA member, I’m very upset that our well-run and supported station is in danger because of mismanagement at other stations (WBAI I’m looking at you!) and at the National Board level.
I am on the very edge of stopping my sustainer membership =(
Respect the wishes of the voters Respect the votes of the listeners Respect the listeners who donate to the station
Maybe Trump and Sinima are on the current Pacifica Board. Same tactics to ruin something great.
Respect the votes of the voters a respect the wishes and demands of the listeners
Respect the listeners who donate to the network to support their local station
It is important that the Pacifica radio have effective management and seek to re-invigorate their programming. We need management with ideas about how to keep the station vigorous, and uncompromising in telling truth to power
We need a competently run free speech station that honors the voter’s choice.
Let the true winners of the election be placed into the management positions they were chosen for.
KPFK is the only source I trust to be true, accurate and free from corporate
“spin”. Protect free speech and keep her and other affiliates independent.
Minority rule is no more valid at KPFA than it is nationally.
Our majority vote for a return to integrity at Pacifica must be acknowledged, before any more damage is done by a very destructive minority.
Pacifica is a grand mess. Real members and Pacifica loyalists like me have known these truths for over 25 years. They lie, they steal monies and cover it up. I was the only Native American broadcaster on the east coast for over 23 years and raised over 7 million dollars and let me go only because WPFW’s program director lied on me in Lydia Brazon’s ear and called me a bully during the ‘ME TOO’ ERA. Rather than file suit against Pacifica and fight her arrogance and lies, I HAVE MOVED ON to Radio 1 where I am valued and respected and HAPPY. Also I am the originator and host of the weekly television production of Jay Winter Nightwolf -LIVE. I’ve seen so much mess and coverups by the staff at WPFW that I refuse to be a part of that corrupt environment. Any further questions you can reach me at my email –
Pacifica’s supporters voted in good faith for a return to competent leadership. Respect the will of the majority!
I don’t know who is right, but current leadership has been a disaster! We need to keep free Speech radio alive!
A majority has spoken. The majority position should prevail. Sadly the minority is acting like today’s Republicans.
Thank you for guarding the station for which I have been listening for 30 years.
Pacifica used to be my go-to station for all information, but now there are only a few remaining programs worth listening to, and I fear that Pacifica will collapse and no longer provide an on-air platform for even those few. Pacifica needs leadership that will preserve and build on the original misision.
Time to stop imitating Republican strategies of minority rule.
We voted, we are the majority, we won!! Stop your big lie and get out of town!!!
We want to save our station(s)!
I was an avid listener as far back as the ’60s. Now not so much. A Pacifica deathwatch is in progress. Too bad for us.
I am outraged by the actions of Pacifica against the New Day candidates I voted for, and the legal shenanigans Pacifica is using against a duly elected new Board.
Please help grow KPFA.
All of this behavior is unbelievable and unacceptable. Strong legal consequences can and must ensue.
It’s a shame that this civil war is discouraging your listener base.
Thank you for your effort to keep these radio stations alive. It really is shameful what the current Pacifica leadership is doing to hold onto their dysfunctional power right now. Sigue la lucha!
I am co-signer to this letter.
I am really upset that KPFK has degenerated into a ‘death spiral money pit’. While I never gave KPFK a fortune, I have been doing some donating for over fifty years. I am very disappointed in Pacifica in general. I guess I just wanted them to do right and I had no way of knowing what path they were taking. If by some miracle it can be turned around, I will revisit how I currently feel.
The current leadership is destroying the network and is eliminating progressive voices from radio.
Our station KPFA started this Free Speech Radio to be just that — programs adhere to truth and quality; Our Administration uses donations for the sake of the listeners, peace, freedom, social justice for all, preserve our precious Environment, Nature. It must be corporate free .
We want to change the by laws to allow professional decision making with truth and transparency. What is happening with opposing groups, misstatements and using our hard earned money for wrong lawsuits just for power and destroying others. Let’s work to stop this destruction of truth and losing free speech radio, which is our only salvation to preserve our environment, peace and justice.
I am a listener and fear what the opposition in Pacifica is doing that can ruin democracy, the health and welfare of all. This sounds intense, but let’s face reality, This needless legal fight is selfishly going after power in any false manipulating way! KPFA has been doing this truthful education and honoring
the fine arts, music for over 70 years. It must keep these successful programs and staff. Thank you for letting me stand up for Wisdom, Action, Free Speech Radio as it was started and continues to be. Don’t destroy this Wisdom and let
democracy and our Environment die!
-Hollister, California
open and free elections mean, majority rules! one person, one vote, no electoral college at this station.
Respect the vote of the majority!
I am in agreement with New Day Pacifica and this letter.
Janet Jean Motika
The majority should rule. Why is it not being honored?
Keep Radio Pacifica alive. no corporate takeover.
No gutting out for resources, real estate and so on.
A tragedy to lose Ian Masters…. thankfully he is on his own now.
Stop with the Trump-like tactics. The people voted; the votes were counted. Why do you still have the key to the door. Go home.
We need a Johnny Cochran lawyer to get us on track. Lets use our celebrity contacts to help us locate a good legal team to keep us from being dragged around. We should sue them for damages and misuse of our funds!!
Long live Pacifica.
KPFA is an indispensable source of news.
We voted for new leadership, not the continuation of an impotent governing board. This board has had years to fix the problems, but only created more. Step aside or I will stop my monthly donation. As much as I like KPFK and think the station is important to the future of our country, it needs to change. New Day Pacifica is the best way to do that.
Do NOT take the proceeds of the KPFT bldg sale to solve the incompetency of the Pacifica management board. KPFT belongs to Houston and its listeners. It is a horrific thought that they would steal the proceeds of that sale to pad their pockets, payoff loser lawyers and settle debts that KPFT has nothing to do with.
go new day pacifica!
Respect the majority immediately. Get rid of the lawyers. In its own way, this is as retrograde as Republican voter suppression. Your listeners spoke clearly in the last election. Honor them and the process before you kill the station, my eye on history and what’s happening now.
onwards and upwards
I’m a Pacifica supporter who lacks time and inclination to follow all positions and complications of managing and representing these important radio stations.
But I sign this petition enthusiastically because of a couple things that don’t sit right with me:
(1) I can’t see keeping in place a leadership group that failed to gain a majority of listener votes AND – these past several years show – has failed to end or (it seems) meliorate the terrible financial problem at WBAI; and
(2) I hated the diametrically opposed accounts of the KPFA state tax or fee (or whatever it was) problem – and after reading the opposing accounts and hearing a statement from KPFA’s treasurer, I decided that the liars did NOT come from KPFA but rather from the national board (who denied KPFA’s claim of having been forced by national’s failings to rescue the station).
Please to start accepting responsez W/OUT E-MAIL ADDRESS
Stop the madness and do as the voters want
I’m very concerned about the survival of Pacifica network and the odd manipulations and omissions in our latest voting. There should be openness and accountability about the voting and tabulation process, and the decisions to ignore or not list certain candidates. It’s all fishy. Please rectify this situation so all the Pacifica stations can survive and thrive.
In the interest of truth and transparency, please release the requested information, honor the majority vote, and begin the transition to new leadership.
Enough power games. The majority has spoken. The Board’s actions are distinctly un-progressive. Shameful.
I have been a listener to and a member of KPFA for decades, and I am outraged and appalled at the tactics and very style of MISmanagement the current Pacifica Board and management are using, running the network into the ground. It is my fervent hope that this alternative news and arts source can be saved before it is too late.
I find this very disturbing.
Stop the steal! New Day Pacifica won the vote to run the Pacifica Network. I ask that the current management not use my money for legal fees to overturn that. Otherwise, I will cease donating.
Please let the winners manage Pacifica!
This station has been the center of progressive, honest, and vital importance to the Los Angeles community for years. Please do everything you can to maintain its integrity.
The people have spoken in a fair election. NDP must assume it’s rightful authority and clean house of deceit and criminality!
Install capable officers now to save the Pacifica management and fire the incompetent legal team.
Very concerned,
It’s outrageous what the Pacifica Board is doing. Outrageous and depressing.
I’ve been watching this nonsense go on since before 2000! It must end now or the network is lost.
I feel my financial support is being squandered at this point.
I voted for the NDP candidates on the KPFK LSB election and I am very concerned that they were taken off the ballot without even notifying me or communicating with me why they were taken off. I feel like I cannot trust the current KPFK board.
I also voted for the change in by-laws and feel my vote was discounted or ignored even when it was clearly in the majority. This goes against all of the values that Pacifica and KPFK supposedly uphold.
Keep up the good work.
I need KPFK to keep me informed and engaged.
Thank you for working for a fair election to keep kpfa alternative
We need change now — Soon there will otherwise be no financial solvency.
In this divisive time I believe it is important to keep community radio alive and flourishing. It appears that the currently acting Board (who are not the Board elected by the majority of members) have other intentions which could lead to the demise of not only KPFT, but also the other member stations.
Stop the Steal!
We need to move forward and get past this legal quagmire. There is a clear majority voting for the new plan.
Yours in struggle
As A long time supporter of KPFA , and by extension, the Pacifica Network, I fully support New Day Pacifica in it’s opposition of Current Pacifica management practices.
Very disappointed our vote was not worth anything.
I’ve subscribed to KPFA or KPFK since 1958.
With all the wealth in this country one would think a $3 million angel is out there. What a great tax right off and feather in their cap.
I want Pacifica to go back stop the so called “health” and “spirituality” quackery and go back to fact based journalism and music! Bring back Ian Masters!!
We simply cannot risk losing the last voice for progressive ideas in this divided world. The majority have spoken, and they must be listened to. I’ve been a contributing and loyal Pacifica member for 50 years.
Enough’s enough. Honor the vote, for all that you stand for. Accept the change and allow Pacifica to move on.
Pacifica deserves competent management — we can’t lose this resource in times like these.
We all want these radio stations to survive. It is essential for our democracy.
Please manage the breakdown issues of mismanagement of finances and other issues issues pertinent to keeping Pacifica, specifically KPFA Radio, running successfully. a long-time supporter and listener from the early sixties.
I have supported the programs on KPFK because they speak of fair elections which are decided by a majority of votes. It was not disclosed that staff votes are weighted. This is not democracy.
As a long time subscriber I voted for new leadership to rescue kpfk from financial ruin and will not contribute again until the results of the recent election are honored!
Let democracy rule!!!
Does anyone know what the Pacifica group intends for Pacifica stations? What do they expect to gain from destroying everything? I don’t get it.
WE NEED THIS GROUP OF RADIO STATIONS TO FIRE UP THE PEOPLE. Young people tend to lean progressive, lets make sure that we get the 18, 19 and 20 year olds to vote! These voting rights issues are the most serious current issue. Democrats are desperate for a working strategy. We have the majority but seem to lack bonding among most progressives.
Reminiscent of the rejected coup from the late 1990s . . . : – ((
I don’t want to lose Pacifica
do not call or text this number
I fully support New Day Pacifica, and want to thank them for their efforts.
Do we know the outcome of the Dec. 29 court hearing?
It’s way past time to make changes. The future of Pacifica is at stake.
Good Luck !!!
I was first introduced to Pacifica as a teenager in the 60’s and have been a member ever since. I am saddened to think that I may choose to leave this community if democracy no longer prevails. It is hard enough to watch the demise of democracy in our nation. In the past I would have counted on Pacifica to be fully in that fight. Now I fear they are on the wrong side of history. Still, it is not too late to do the right thing. Wake up!
Pacifica Broadcast Affiliate Columbus, Ohio WGRN 94.1
This has got to stop! I want my vote to be counted! We/Pacifica need to make real plans for the indebtedness that threatens the entire Pacifica network. Stop the unnecessary law suits and put real and honest time and energy into solving the financial crises.
What would Alan Watts do?
We voted for the changes we want to see, and are sickened about the legal logjams being created by the old board . Please leave us to salvage what you are cynically destroying by your delays .
Respect the majority.
Please respect the results of the Election and allow NEW DAY PACIFICA to
manage the Pacifica Network. Let Democracy Rule!
I support Ian Masters style and rational open mindedness.
This network is important for America’s future, I feel.
It should not be allowed to eat itself.
Respect the majority vote of the Pacific membership.
Stop the steal. Support the 1st amendment and a free press from the corrupt oligarchic anocracy.
KPFK’s strong signal needs to be preserved as a beacon of progressive thought. Our beloved radio station must change to survive. Please respect the majority vote.
I’ve been a member since the early 60’s when some days I felt my education was better served listening to important programming than attending the graduate studies I was attending. I understand those on the right begrudge the licenses that pacifica has and wish to take over the million dollar frequencies. Pacifica has always been THE source of information for the people, to attain that, it requires that it’s programming is democratically determined. Allow that to happen!
The survival of KPFK and the network is crucial at this time in history. May truth and fairness prevail. If the staff at KFPK cannot follow democratic principles, the station is a travesty and the management situation a charade. KPFK deserves to survive and be well managed. The listeners in Los Angeles deserve an intelligent well managed station. I am personally tired and horrified at the stupidity that has prevailed up to now. I will not renew my membership in 2022 if things do not change for the better. Thank you.
A New Day, A OK !
Keep up the good fight
I am appalled and deeply saddened by what has become of Pacifica Radio. The hypocrisy of purporting to be so righteous and call out the corruption and rot in America’s politics and the loss of democracy and then secretly doing the same, stealing the election away from the paying listeners, lying to the listeners. I am very angry at being so deceived in an organization I so deeply believed in and supported for over 40 years. It is a massive tragedy . Pacifica was the last voice of truth and information that would empower hope and the possibility of change in America. That seems to now be dead and as corrupt as anything else
Let’s win this for free speech radio.
If one cannot abide the founding principles of this network, then step aside allowing the mission to continue the message.
In these perilous times, the need for radio free of corporate sponsorship is greater than ever. I depend on KPFA for news and public affairs analysis, and the listeners at other locations in the Pacifica network should be able to as well without the sense that they are supporting a losing cause because of mismanagement.
I’m appalled by the current Pacifica management keeping voting results from the public, ignoring the election results, mirroring actions of the obstructionists at the National level of our US government.
This is very concerning to me. I have been a long time supporter of KPFK. I also have been an actor and produced two popular gay TV shows in the early ’90s – Tricks, a gay dating TV show that was queer positive, and More Than a Mouthful, which was a queer culture TV show. Both were very popular and ground-breaking in 1992 and 1995 when they came out .

What I do know is that to survive in radio or TV you need to have a wider base of support – radio is not a niche medium. But yet some stations most notably WBAI ignore the wider base and platform niche programming when you should be arriving for the widest audience. Trust me you can be relevant AND popular at the same time.

So now I find myself in the same situation as I was when I went through a foreclosure – paying for both sides of a legal fight. Ain that case I was paying the bank’s lawyer to take my home – which the bank hypocritically complained about to the judge “He’s wasting money paying me to fight him” and paying my own lawyer to fight the bank lawyer.

The same goes with KPFK – I have to support KPFK so I can listen to it, and KPFK uses part of my money to fight New Day, and I pay to support New Day.

This is ridiculous. Pacifica management needs to stop feathering the beats of themselcea and their cronies and let the vote of the majority prevail. At some point I will have to stop supporting KPFK if they continue to thwart the will of the majority over some stupid pretense that a majority of workers at one station have more rights than the membership that makes their employment possible at all.

Here’s a test: If I and my fellow members remove our financial support from Pacifica, will there be a Pacifica? No? Then we are the owners of the station, and the workers work for us.

It’s that way in unions too. Majority rules. Stop standing in the way of progress or we will stop supporting Pacifica.

Sounds pretty un-democratic; 6640 to 5216. What, are the Republicans trying to take over Pacifica too?
Without IAN MASTERS, KPFK has lost much of its authority and reliable up to date information. How stupid!
I have maintained a membership even while homeless. If this BS continues I will file suit for a refund for services not rendered
We need competent management, not manipulation!
Jerk the jerks after assertaining their real operating principia
Damn, you lost Ian Masters, a glaring wakeup call. He’s truly one of the best & brightest, a tremendous asset of integrity & knowledge now gone. Get real, in all associations, & get him back.
Start with firing the legal team, immediately.
Come together, one and all. Let’s do this
“This network was established 75 years ago by pacifists who forged it into a progressive force built on competent management and fierce beliefs in democracy and fairness. The dysfunctional governing structure and current leadership have not only failed to live up to these standards and ideals, but have put the very survival of our stations at risk. “
This says it all…
Democracy means one elector, one vote, counted one and the majority wins.
It is outrageous that the results of the election are not being respected and enabled. The situation must be immediately corrected and the elected board allowed to take control.
I want the current Pacifica board to stop its self-dealing ways and get let Pacific get back to solvency and the ideals of KPFA’s origins.
The majority rules. We need the vote enforced to reflect the correct outcome.
I’m a former WPFW board member and longtime financial supporter. I’ve currently supported Ian Masters’ Background Briefing financially — for the past 1-1/2 to 2 years but never recvd any acknowledgement from his non-profit. Nonetheless, Pacific is our progressive voice that desperately must be strengthened. The focus should be your “asks” and ‘To Do’ list.. 1. bylaws must be strengthened to prevent future hijackings..2. immediate asks to achieve financial transparency …3. strategic plan for fund development …4. solidifying staff labor rights. Thank you again New Day!
It’s in the air isn’t it? This corruption of everything positive and good? I have a very good friend, classmate and roomate from Columbia U who’s brother bought her a condo in an historic building on Central Park South. It’s now surrounded by tall thin buildings that no one inhabits. She says the buildings cast a shadow over Central Park like a picket fence.
Is the current Station Board deliberately trying to run KPFK into bankruptcy and destroy it ? I have a suspicion that the current board is largely Republican sabotuers.
New Day’s position is the only hope Pacifica has for long term survival. Its failure will be the end of our last gasp chance for saving KPFK and Pacifica’s independence.
I just donated a few days ago through PayPal and KPFK. Org. Good luck with the fight.
Pacifica has been circling the drain for sometime now. I have been listening to Pacifica since 1986, first KPFA when I lived in Fresno to KPFK since I moved to Southern California. I use to be avid supporter of Pacifica donating each and every fund drive but the last few years I seldom donate and only donate the minimum required, although I made a significantly increased donation this last fund drive. If Pacifica can’t fix its problems then I will discontinue donations all together. It is sad that Pacifica has succumbed to the incompetent level it currently is experiencing
The way this case is being handled by the court is reckless as this case is time sensitive because operations for employees of the radio station is being sabotaged by a reckless minority of people who are desperate to hold on to power and control.
I need you to honor my vote and show respect for all of us who voted in the majority! Our dollars fund the station, so we deserve competent managers who recognize how valuable our listener voices are. We want our legitimately elected board to be installed immediately and let them get started on working hard to uphold Pacifica’s educational mission.
We need to reinstall Democrcy and Fairness to Pacifica. The current leadership has strayed and is denying the basic princiipals that Pacifica was created to stand for. The people have voted. Let there be Justice
I fully support the actions taken by New Day Pacifica.
I sincerely wish for the Pacifica Board to rise to the occasion in which all its voters expressed by resolution that accepts change to improve its management as New Day Pacifica (NDP) enters a new phase. NDP votes cast were in the majority and certainly deserves. When the executive board’s legal team has refused to accept the majority vote count, they need to be abandoned and replaced with fairness and a Democratic team using donations for what they’re supposed to be used for. 75 years of broadcasting now televised with archives of video taped shows deserve the historic prominence Radio Pacifica and all its sister stations have earned.
Please respect the voice / votes of the Pacifica / KPFK members. Change is needed at this time. As a ‘sustainer’ to KPFK, it is important that the quality programs, programmers and volunteer staff continue to receive our support.
The legal expenses are off the hook and a real deal breaker, most especially for union busting firms and unethical legal practices.
Let’s save the best independent non-profit media enterprise ever invented.
sms-save my sanity!
please honor the voting tally, including the disappeared candidates.
Show the true vote count.
Stop spending money on legal defense. Honor the commitment to the staff of Pacificia.
Get new management in place at the station.
Thank you
No matter the outcome of all of this, please do not remove any or all of Roy of Hollywood’s program. As a KPFK sustainer, I feel VERY strongly about this! Thank you.
Pacifica must change in order to survive. Growth is essential. We need all 5 stations to do the work of Pacifica!

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