Fact vs Fiction

Pacifica’s general legal counsel, Arthur Schwartz, has continued making false and inaccurate statements, and these have not been limited to what he’s told Pacifica Board members, staff, and listeners. Earlier this month, as part of the lawsuit he filed against New Day Pacifica (NDP), he submitted papers to the Court which included many such false and inaccurate statements, some old and some new.

New Day Pacifica filed a response brief with the court addressing these misstatements of fact. It’s in an easy-to-read Fact vs Fiction format. You can read it (and save to your computer if you wish) from the file on our web site at NDP Reply Brief filed with court.pdf — Skip to page 3 of the brief – page number at the bottom of the page (page 8 of that file) for Part II, for the Fact vs Fiction section.

Fortunately, you don’t have to believe what either we or Mr. Schwartz say about what the New Day Bylaws will or won’t do. You can read and download the New Day Bylaws text here. The Provisos in the last few pages deal with the transition from the current governance system to the new one – something that Mr. Schwartz continues to misrepresent. And if the court rules in New Day’s favor, that transition to a brighter future for Pacifica will begin soon.

The Court may Decide Soon

We are anticipating a court ruling in December. Look for another email soon with more about why the court’s approval of the NDP Bylaws would be good for all Pacifica stations. We realize many Pacifica members have been deeply concerned by things told to them by those in control of Pacifica, in their attempts to delay or prevent governance reform, but we do believe the arc of the moral universe does bend towards justice, even if that happens much slower than we’d like.

Please Donate to your Pacifica Station

The one thing all sides agree on is the desire to see the Pacifica network survive and thrive, so we DO encourage you to donate to your favorite Pacifica station today. It’s Giving Tuesday, all our stations can definitely use your support, so we hope you will give generously.