Who We Are


New Day Pacifica is a group of Pacifica listeners and staff who want to save Pacifica and keep it from crashing out of existence in the next year. We include current and former Board members, staff and lots of long-term listeners concerned about the existential crisis at Pacifica.

Sharon Kyle explains why she wants to serve as Pacifica’s National Chair:

“I care about Pacifica because so much of my understanding of the world comes from my listening and connection to KPFK. My understanding of the brokenness of this country and the reasons for that brokenness come from Pacifica. I learned about the book on Participatory Economics from KPFK. This book changed my life, helping me understand the role of capitalism in this country. It sent me on a journey. One result is the 20,000+ articles we’ve published at LA Progressive. I would never have gotten to know Richard Wolff or even know who he is, if it hadn’t been for Pacifica. 

“My willingness to be the Chair of Pacifica grows out of the debt I owe Pacifica. I have been a member of both dysfunctional and extremely functional boards that run like well oiled machines – such as the National Board of the ACLU. I would like to pass on what I learned to other Pacifica leaders to help Pacifica’s Board function better and the entire foundation flourish again.”

Jan Goodman’s long view of KPFK:

“KPFK has  been there  covering the civil rights struggles, the anti-war demonstrations from Vietnam to Iraq & Iran, to Justice for Janitors and Black Lives Matter, bringing a left perspective, helping get the word out and supporting movements on the ground, covering events and giving voice to issues that no one else would cover. 
One of the reasons Pacifica is so important is because it gives us hope – that a better world is possible, and that together we can get there. 
KPFK sometimes does a really good job, sometimes not so much, but one thing is for sure: if Pacifica perishes, it will never be replaced. That is why I am so passionate about helping build Pacifica up to its potential and not letting it go bankrupt or lose its buildings, and why I am working so hard to fix Pacifica’s flawed Bylaws and governance structure.”

Akio Tanaka on the dangers Pacifica faces

“Back in 1970, when KPFT came on the air, the danger was outside forces trying to suppress the truth. The detriment to our network now is our governance structure. The current Bylaws were drafted with the best of intentions, in response to the takeover attempt in 1999, but it resulted in creating a perennially divided Board. I would like to help restore Pacifica to be the scrappy network that I first encountered 50 years ago.”

Beth Kean is the main author of the New Day bylaws

Beth Kean is the main author of the New Day bylaws as well as the New Day Pacifica campaign manager. She is a retired union organizing director, working for twenty years with the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United. Her expertise: union elections, bylaws campaigns, membership drives, contract campaigns and organizational campaigns. Beth has also been involved in various anti-intervention, anti-foreclosure and stop the oil trains campaigns.

Beth is a long-time KPFA member.

“I want to make sure that Pacifica survives and thrives for future generations, not only at all five stations, each of which is precious beyond price, but also at the mind-blowing 200-plus affiliate stations and the amazing Pacifica Radio Archives.”

— Beth Kean

So Pacifica can survive for future generations