Letter from past KPFK Treasurer on “Dire” Financial Situation

The following is a letter from Fred Blair, KPFK LSB member and 2021 Treasurer, stating how serious the financial situation has become. Readers should know that most of the station’s biggest fundraisers have left or been driven away in the last few months, although he does not state that. He sent this letter in January 2022.

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Dear KPFK LSB Members and KPFK Finance Committee Members,-

Attached: are the December 2021 Fund Drive files for KPFK’s just ended Christmas Fund Drive.

Summary of Basic Statistics for Drive via KPFK Allegiance website

The KPFK Fund Drive started officially on December 7th , ran 25 days, and ended on December 31st .

Current Statistics:
Total $ Pledges: $118,519.15 Dollars
Number of Pledges: 829
Drive $ Daily Average: $4,741. Dollars/day
Average $’s per Pledge: $143. Dollars/Pledge

Pledge $’s Paid so far: $95,151.22 (Fulfillment of 80% first month)

Station Operating Deficit for December 2021: ~$150,000 Dollars

My Analysis:

I could jump up-and-down and scream at you that the sky is falling, but that would just be embarrassing for Me and everybody involved, and wouldn’t change anything either.
The financial situation at KPFK is bad and not getting better. It’s actually Dire, We can’t bring in enough Income to Pay our Bills – And haven’t done so for 6 months now.

What Can I Say
Words fail me here.

It is our job as a Governance Board to have a duty of care for our organization, and to make sure that it survives and thrives.
That’s Not Happening.
So what is to be done. We have a continuing financial crisis that is not getting better, it’s getting worse.

I have done my job and provided you with the basic information needed to understand our situation.
Dealing with this situation is what Board meetings are for.
See you all at the January 19th KPFK LSB meeting and Delegates Assembly.

In Peace and Best Wishes to All,
-Fred Blair
KPFK LSB Listener Delegate/Member