Danny Glover Speaks Out

Breaking News: Danny Glover Never Endorsed Vote No
New Day Pacifica’s Jan Goodman talked with Danny Glover on Friday and was surprised to learn that Glover has not endorsed Vote No efforts this year, despite his name and picture being plastered all over the Vote No emails, websites and on-air commercials.
Last year Glover did oppose the very different bylaws referendum that lost, but has stayed neutral this year. It’s a classic campaign dirty trick. FYI, the small print on the Vote No website does show that the Glover interview was from last year (February 20, 2020).
Glover asked that his name and picture be removed from all Pacifica materials and commercials, saying “The most important thing to me is the survival of Pacifica. I know that there are good people on both sides of the bylaws issue, and I am confident that no matter what happens with the bylaws, the goal will be to save our precious Pacifica. P.S. Please take my name and likeness off any and all endorsement lists/statements. Danny Glover” (June 14, 2021 email sent by Glover’s Communications Director)