Pacifica General Counsel and WBAI-NY General Manager leading fight against New Day’s governance Reform

Some recent examples of egregious Fair Campaign Violations:

  1. Pacifica’s general counsel Arthur Schwartz has been trying to disenfranchise ALL Pacifica households of their second household ballot they are entitled to (if a household donates at least $50 the household is entitled to a second membership per the bylaws). Luckily the arbitrator understood that Schwartz was trying to disenfranchise at least 700 Pacifica households and on Friday ordered Pacifica to send these households their second ballot if they met the $50 donation minimum. This was a big win for New Day and for the right of Pacifica households to obtain their full voting rights.
  2. WBAI’s General Manager and Program Director ran over 200 1-minute on-air slams and sent 5 slam emails in a 3-week period (March 15-April 7) telling WBAI listeners that New Day planned to permanently shut down WBAI if New Day wins the referendum, unless they joined WBAI by April 7 so they could vote no and save WBAI. Despite the fact that there is NO TRUTH to this Big Lie with the New Day national officers publicly committing to support all Pacifica stations including WBAI, WBAI management continues to use the Big Lie to whip up the passion of loyal WBAI listeners to try to defeat New Day.
  3. See New Day’s summary of Pacifica’s unethical behavior in our report to the arbitrator.

So Pacifica can survive for future generations