Donate $10 to $10,000 (or more) to help us with expenses for endorsement mailings and get-out-the-vote in the LSB/Delegate elections.

If you are an attorney and can help us with legal work, please email us at and let us know.

Note that a donation to a Pacifica station will allow for a person to become a member of Pacifica and participate in the Local Station Board elections, but a donation only to will not.

Further, money that you donate now to New Day Pacifica will be used to  support the candidacies supported by NDP, to try to assure a better future for Pacifica.  We do not want you to donate money to New Day Pacifica that would otherwise have gone to Pacifica or your station.

Donate Online to NDP with a Credit or Debit Card

Donate via PayPal

Donate by Check

Mail your check to: New Day Pacifica, 5627 Telegraph Ave, Suite 116, Oakland CA 94609

Thank You

Thanks for supporting New Day Pacifica as we work to make sure Pacifica, our stations and our mission not just survive but grow and have more significance!

Your donation to New Day Pacifica will support our efforts to see that our stations and our mission not just survive but grow and have more significance!

Donations to New Day Pacifica are NOT tax deductible.  

Donate to your Pacifica station

We also encourage you to donate to your favorite Pacifica station, too, in addition to donating to NDP.

Make sure your own membership for your station is up-to-date as of June 30 so you can vote ($25 for each person in your family since July 1, 2022). Click on the link for your station:
— Donate to KPFA in Berkeley
— Donate to KPFK in Los Angeles
— Donate to KPFT in Houston
— Donate to WBAI in NYC
— Donate to WPFW in DC

So Pacifica can survive for future generations